Thursday, June 11, 2009

Honk Chronicles, Day Four

We have an amazing volunteer working on props and scenery. One of those theatre angels that pops up from time to time and you know in your heart the show would be half- or even quarter-assed if it were not for this individual.

She's a gem. A day after going over a long list of things we need, from the catalogue of knick-knacks needed in the show to costume accessories and scenic projects like backdrops and hanging black fabric to mask our exits, Marge is on the job.

She comes in today with a pile of stuff, informed me that yes, we could have bales of hay -- lots of them -- at no cost to the production. She spends the entire day working. There is no doubt that if we needed the church lifted and moved slightly to one side, she would figure out how to get it done.

Today I learn that two of the teenagers who left are spreading the rumor they were kicked out of the play. Blink blink.

A happier rumor reaches me, to the effect that the kids are having a wonderful time putting this show together.

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