Friday, June 19, 2009

Honk Chronicles: Ukulele Blues

Yesterday was a long and strange day. I did not even tell you about the talk I had with an eight-year old boy, having to explain to him that peeing on a tree in the playground was not preferable to coming indoors and using the bathroom.

All I can say is, the boy needs some fatherin'.

Later, I worked with young R. on his blues bit. He seems to have an easier time with this than singing the show tunes. It goes well.

My ukulele is a concert uke, so many people don't know it's a ukulele at first. Folks keep asking about this strange 4-string guitar.

I'm not that good on the ukulele. I know a few chords and fool around with them. I don't practice finger-picking enough to be much of a soloist. The first blues he does is a very simple C-chord blues progression, with that lick you know from "I'm a man" and every spoof blues song you've heard. You know, buh-BAAAH-buh-BAH. That thing. Later in the scene, when he resumes, it's a walking blues line in A, and I just follow him.

He's a funny kid -- I'm handing him a way to steal the show.

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