Friday, June 26, 2009

June Is For Democratic Uprisings

With the networks fiercely devoted to eulogizing Michael Jackson and covering, somewhat, developments in Iran, there are other things going on.

On this blog, we wrote about the uprising and violence in Peru over free trade. Today, there are some strange things going on in Honduras, too.

My irreverent synopsis is as follows: The leftist President of Honduras has apparently decided his country needs him badly enough that the Constitution must be amended to permit him another term. He called a referendum on this question, but the Supreme Court ruled the referendum illegal on technical grounds and ordered the election not take place.

Phooey to that, sayeth President Manuel Zelaya, and orders the military to help with logistics. The general says no can do, the Supreme Court has ruled the election illegal. Check that out: the general takes it to heart that his duty is to protect the state, not to back up a strongman. General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez was then summarily fired by the President, but the Supreme Court ordered him reinstated.

This is quite a day, isn't it?

Zelaya riles up supporters, claiming that the Congress and the Judiciary are trying to stage a coup. Pot, kettle, black. He then leads a march of people on an airport that has been secured by the military, where all the election boxes for the illegal referendum are being kept. Wow!

Members of Zelaya's own party are now conducting hearings on the President's state of mind, Zelaya is screaming about coup attempts while he is in fact trying to circumvent the Constitution and hold on to power.

These people know tyranny from shinola, and they are having none of it:

Quite a day, indeed.


Veronica Blum said...

yeah, it is quite a day, and being a Honduran, I am actually quite proud of how things have developed so far. Tens of thousands go to peaceful demonstrations to pray for the country. All over the country you hear of circles of prayers for the country. And everything has remained peaceful. The military did the right thing, and you can bet the General was offered LOTS of money to go ahead with the Referendum, which pretty much everyone is against. At 13:00 after getting the ballots from the airport the president planned to have a speech to great masses of people, and because almost no one was there, he didn't use the stage they had set up for it, but held it from the stairs. I really hope his actions are declared illegal, and he gets a technical coup..

Algernon said...

Hello there. I hope my irreverent tone did not come off as mocking you or what you are standing for. Please be careful and good luck.