Monday, June 22, 2009

My Wife's Car Is Vandalized

Good morning to you, too!

My wife's car, along with several others around here, got smacked with a baseball bat or something similar during the night. Police report, calls to insurance, and lots of vacuuming. Lots of and lots of vacuuming. Everything out of the car, including Gabriel's car seat, to be vacuumed individually and then more vacuuming inside the car. A nice family project, with Gabriel sitting on a blanket on the porch, clucking away and banging his xylophone.

When Sarah came into the house shaking and crying, unable to say anything except "Come here," to show me this, my body went on the highest alert level. Was I going to have to dispose of a dead animal? Was there a violent fight going on? A burning cross on the front lawn? A mushroom cloud? What the hell?

When I saw this, I remembered. On the surface, sure, it's just some broken glass; and it sucks to have to spend money you hadn't planned on spending just because some Deming kid was bored on a Sunday night. Yet below the surface, it is a very creepy feeling to have something like this happen to your car.

I remembered my car's battery being stolen in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles. Someone broke a window, sat in the driver's seat where I always sit, and popped the trunk to get at the battery. One's space is invaded. It doesn't feel like a random act of vandalism; it feels personal. Why me?

So Sarah was pretty upset; not herself, this entire day. The car isn't important, but the presence of such unthinking violence, only a few feet from our child's window, while we were sleeping soundly. It is unsettling, isn't it?

Yet what do we do? Broom. Extension cord. Vacuum. Kwan seum bosal.


Kelly said...

I'm sorry, and yes...I can understand the unsettling feeling.

I can't tell you how often kids(?) make the run down our county road bashing in mailboxes or the poles they're mounted on. A far cry from smashing a car, I know, but still frustrating. Of course we filled our pole with concrete then built a steel box to go around the actual mailbox. Would love to see their arm after they try to whack ours!

Pam said...

I'm really sorry about the car. Such senseless violence by bored kids ( and I'm sure that's what it is) is really sad.

We've been spared in my immediate neighborhood, but similar things happen all over the place this time of year around us.

Again, how sad these kids can't find something contructive rather than destructive to do....

Jane R said...

Oh, so sorry. Same thing happened to me the day before Thanksgiving, but not to the car: a brick through the window of my study at home. Shattered glass all over the room. Huge sense of violation.

Sending you both hugs.

Glad all the humans are okay. Hug each other.

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Kelly said...

Around here it tends to be drunk teens/twenty-somethings rather than bored kids. A shame no matter who is to blame.