Sunday, June 14, 2009

Open Letter to the Army of God

Rev. Donald Spitz
Pro-Life Virginia
P.O. Box 2876
Chesapeke, VA 23327

Dear Reverend,

As an American citizen who feels a need to do something, I am writing what may be a fruitless letter regarding your “Army of God” website.

Although I am not a member of any organized anti-abortion group, I appreciate the need for an earnest moral debate on the issue of abortion and human life. There must be a truly “pro-life” perspective in the debate, and even though I write you as a Buddhist rather than as a Christian, the letter is inspired by a similar compassion for human life.

The reason I write you today is that a worthy cause is being undermined.
As a fellow citizen of these United States, I am watching developments in the wake of Dr. Tiller’s murder with increasing concern. Numerous law enforcement agencies confirm an increase of threatening activities at sites where abortion is protested. These range from violations of buffer zones to truly menacing activity. One clinic had a security camera broken. At another, a protester entered the clinic and threatened a patient (who may have been there for a routine pre-natal examination, for all we know). At still another, a clinic employee was asked how she preferred to die, by knife or bullet. Some doctors and clinic directors are even warned by local police to law low, to stay home and locked down as much as possible. These are still law-abiding citizens.

Judging from your website, you would applaud all of this. It would seem that the laws of our nation are superceded by Biblical scripture, as you interpret it. Regardless of our nation’s laws, anyone practicing medicine at a clinic where abortions are performed are fair game for terrorism and violence. You go so far as to celebrate the murderers of physicians on your website. Moreover, you decry the “persecution” of “anti-abortionists,” and in every example you cite you admit that those “persecuted” were arrested for crimes of terrorism, murder and attempted murder.

It is tempting to assume you are beyond reason, having concluded that the murder of people with whom you disagree is righteous and blessed by God. The point must be made anyway: you are making a terrible mistake.

Have you considered the possibility that by assaulting or terrifying patients in these clinics, a “pro-life” terrorist could actually cause a miscarriage? A nail bomb does not discriminate. It can easily end the life of a pregnant mother who was at the clinic for a routine examination, planning to have her baby. Such is the tragic idiocy of violence.

When a clinic is forced to close because of violence or intimidation, you may celebrate the reduction of abortion in a community, yet you have also reduced access to medical care for women who are planning to have their babies. It is women who live in poverty that get hit the hardest by this. The terrorism you promote not only denies women access to medical care that could save their lives if their fetus is stillborn in the last trimester; you actually impede a mother’s access to pre-natal care. Such is the idiocy of terrorism.

As for publishing so many pictures of dead fetuses, I have to remark that you take a peculiar glee in posting them. Indeed, your “Army of God” website displays an erotic pleasure in hellfire, gore, and murder. It has nothing to do with promoting a “culture of life.”

In the name of human decency, please consider a revision of your website. By all means, be active in getting the laws changed so that abortion has the legal status you feel it deserves. Work to change minds and hearts with respect to abortion. Do not promote terrorism and celebrate those who give themselves permission to murder people and intimidate them.


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