Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Our Solar Clothes Dryer

A while back the brilliant scam artist, Steve Comisar, cleverly exploited the efficiency of line drying laundry by advertising a "Solar Powered Clothes Dryer" for only $49.95. When the suckers, er, customers, opened the eagerly awaited packages, they discovered that the "scientifically proven, space age clothes dryer" was a piece of clothesline.

--From Green Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck


Kelly said...

A true 'sucker' if they don't do a little research on a product before spending $49.95.

There are times I've considered using a clothesline again, but with all my dogs I'm not sure I could find a safe place to hang one.

quid said...

Loved it, remember it... don't have the energy anymore and there's no wind in Florida!


Algernon said...

One thing Deming has in abundance is wind.