Saturday, May 08, 2010

In The Court of Count Vicodin

A tooth that I had repaired last month went bad: an abscess developed at the root. While I was filming Cigarette, I felt the toothache and popped Advil to deal with it until I could see my dentist. This coming Monday, I go in for root canal. In the meantime, I was prescribed an antibiotic for the infection. He also prescribed Vicodin for the pain, which became unbearable by Sunday night.

So I paid my first visit to the storied court of Count Vicodin, the well-known son of Count Acetaminophen and Lady Hydrocodone. Once introduced to the infectious Count Vicodin, some people go to extraordinary lengths to remain in his company.

Let's just say Vicodin did not agree with me. Besides the physical illness, which is said to be common among those who are not used to the drug, it put me into a rather disturbing frame of mind. The thoughts that came up were not unknown to me -- years of sitting have acquainted me with some pretty stinky stuff that goes on in my mind -- but they were rather more intrusive, perhaps even more persuasive, than I am used to. Besides nausea and intensified depression, I walked around feeling profoundly altered. The latter may simply be my paranoia about medications.

Anyway, we have put that away and gone back to Advil and just sort of talking myself through the day. The court of Count Vicodin is a dream. Now I'm in pain, but I feel alive.


quid said...

Can't take Vicodin. Not sure I ever want to again....jeesh. I'm thinkin' I prefer pain.

I'm so tough.


Kelly said...

I've never had a personal encounter with the Count. I don't even like antibiotics.

Hope the weekend passes quickly for you. My sympathies.

Pam said...

Not only did I not like the way it made me feel, as in a headache and freaky, queasy movements....I'm allergic to it. I'm allergic to all things codeine, morphine, etc... All the good stuff builds up in my system and won't come out. Not a good situation as I eventually break out from the meds.

Sorry to hear about you tooth woes. Had many root canals and major toothaches. NOT fun!!

May your mouth feel numb soon!!!

Adam said...

I know of so many people that have this issue, but I'm not one of them. Vicodin for me, does what it is supposed to: dull the pain. If I take one more than I'm supposed to in the given time frame, I feel a little fuzzy, and that's about it.

But I can't take Pepto without getting sick, and antacids make me even sicker. Weird.

Hope the pain passes soon.