Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't Put Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Microwave

There is a certain time of morning I always find our school's custodians in the lounge. It is their coffee break time, and they'll be sitting around the table, jiving each other in English and Spanish. This is their chance to get a morning snack. At this point, they've been at work longer than almost any of us.

One morning recently, Blanca had brought in a hard boiled egg for her snack. Observing her intention of heating up her egg in the microwave, Robert called out to her over his coffee, "Don't do it! Blanca, that egg will explode if you put it in the microwave."

She hesitated but decided to give it a try anyway. In it went, beeping buttons pressed, whooosh. They waited. No explosion. Blanca opened the microwave and shrugged. No problem. She took out the plate and had a seat, getting ready to enjoy her warm hard boiled egg.

Then she bit into the egg and --splifff!-- it blew up in her face.

We are happy to report there were no injuries. However, no snack for Blanca that morning.

I am but a prophet delivering unto you this message: don't put hard boiled eggs in the microwave.


Kelly said...

I must admit.... that's not a food item I've ever considered microwaving.

Anonymous said...

I can attest this is true as it just happened to me. Moral of the story: break apart the hard boiled egg first and then microwave it.

Anonymous said...

It just happened to me, too. I'm still cleaning up the mess as I type this. I had thought I might be able to boil 2 eggs in the microwave. Since they were in water I thought maybe the water might make a difference. I thought wrong. The egss blew-up after five minutes so hard the microwave door flung open wildly! I had half-cooked eggs and egg shell plus water all over the place. At least the Pyrex bowl didn't shatter and I didn't get hurt, thank you God.

Unknown said...

if you break them apart they will still blow up, happened to me, my eggs had gotten cold so i decided to microwave them and they blew up in my face when i took them out, so the moral of the story is that eggs will blow up twice if you break them apart before microwaving