Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leaps of Don't-Know

Good morning.

The school year is winding down to its conclusion next week, and the summer is booking up already. Sarah and I will be running a performing arts camp for Deming's children for the third year in a row. Then there will be a theatre course to teach for Western New Mexico University. I'm also under contract to turn in a radio play for AudioComics. Gabriel's third birthday arrived yesterday, and Lucca (at two months) is trying to sit up on his own.

Then there is the emerging Deming Zen Center, which signed a lease this week for a small commercial building in town. We will be moving our regular practice and one-day retreats to the location pictured above, and adding classes and workshops to help us grow (and help with the rent, too). I'm also rolling out some local acting classes to help Deming's theater company step up its artistic achievement.

The common thread here is "leaps of faith," as the figure of speech goes. We might call them "leaps of don't-know," since there is no particular object of faith involved here. If there is a God, I think She's got more important things on her agenda than my self-centered anxieties. So, as when stepping on a stage: take a breath, believe in what you're doing, and do. The outer situation probably won't look the way I expect, or want; but it will take care of itself.

Step bravely onto the tilting platform.


Kelly said...

That's one way we differ, Alg... I do believe God cares about every little thing in my life, even the things I might consider trivial.

A belated 'happy birthday' to Gabriel!

Ji Hyang said...

Good work, Algernon!
How courageous, to share your Dharma and your creative spirit, shining light in this corner of the world--

quid said...

Let it tilt. Just fight to not let it tip over.