Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Campaign Signs Part 3: In Brad's Corner!

Last month, we reported in this space the surprising and comical tale of a local political campaign, where both candidates asked on separate occasions to post a campaign sign on the most prominent corner of our property.

The first post was On Stealing a Sign from my own yard, in which there was a mixup and one of our friends posted a sign after we had already turned down another friend.

Then came Setting the Sign Free, in which we felt guilty about holding the sign prisoner, and gave it its freedom where it could carry on its function proudly and prominently.

This left our corner bare, and as citizens we wondered whether a space so prominent and visible -- the corner of Spruce Street at Nickel, across from an open lot on a well-traveled road -- should really be allowed to sit vacant in an election season.  In the campaign sign race, our corner was a valuable platform.  Were we shirking a duty by leaving this space vacant?  But then we return to the problem of familiarity: we know many of the candidates, are genuinely friendly with them, share a church with some of them.  The question was how to use our corner to assist a good campaign without creating a rift for ourselves in this small town.

Thus, we come to our first political endorsement of the 2012 political year.

Notes From A Burning House officially endorses Bradley Westervelt for County Council District 6 - in Ka'u, Hawaii County, the great state of Hawaii.

This means we are now, in effect, the Deming, New Mexico field office for Westervelt's campaign.  This may not mean as much to the campaign as, say, the UPW endorsement -- and we grant that our office is outside County Council District 6 by a few miles -- but support is support, and we are in Brad's corner.

Which is why he is now on our corner.

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