Monday, June 25, 2012


You know, I have a lot of shoes.

Yes, indeed. A lot of shoes.

And I have many kinds of shoes. 

Also true.

You know what kind I don’t have? 


No, this is interesting. Do you know what kind of shoes I don’t have in this collection? 

All right then, say it.

I don’t have any Italian shoes.

Is that a fact?

That is a fact.

Funny you mention that as I’m about to leave for Florence.

Oh, you’re going to Florence?

Yes indeed. Did you hear that? I’ll be gone for nine weeks.

Oh, I believe you did mention that. Well isn’t that funny. 

Isn’t it.

And you’ll bring back presents, won’t you. 

I was thinking of bringing you some olives.

Oh no. 

A bottle of chianti, perhaps.

No, no. 

Some local art. Or a beautiful glass pen.

No again.

You want shoes.

Oh! That’s a great idea! You are so thoughtful. 

Who knew? So -- you really trust me to pick something out for you?


I mean, since I’ll be there, if I’m buying, I get to pick them out. I’m thinking I might find something – novel.



Errr, in what sense? 

Something – unlike anything in your collection.

I don’t like the sound of this. 

Don’t worry. I’ll find a true conversation piece.

Then again, I really love olives.

I’m thinking shoes.

The wine! Some good local wine, that would be such a treat. 


No, really, you’d have to pack them and bring them back. It would be so much trouble. 

It would be so worth it.

Please, you mustn’t. 

Oh, I must.

If you buy me shoes, I might move away without telling you. 

My, you feel strongly about this.

I do. 

All right then. As you wish.


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