Friday, June 01, 2012

A Working Day for the Voice

The day began in Las Cruces, at a small studio off of Valley Street, recording the narration for a documentary.  An interesting film I hope you will get to see soon: it tells the story of the Han family in El Paso, Texas -- a father, two sons, and three sisters, who are all trained in martial arts and boxing.  Their story goes a bit deeper than any sport, however.  It's a story about character and discipline.  Very interesting and wonderful people. 

After a few hours in studio, settled down for lunch and a lemonade at a cafe.  After eating, unpacked the laptop computer to put in a little time at my IT job.  This is somewhat new: it's a part-time job and the work is entirely online.  It involves a lot of research.

While working away, local filmmaker Sean Pilcher called on the off-chance I was available to do some ADR today.  ADR stands, in this case, for "additional dialogue recording."  In the western film that we shot last fall, most of my scenes were outdoors and due to wind and other background noise, some of my dialogue needed to be recorded again, outdoors, as part of the film's post-production.

Wasn't prepared for an outdoor hike -- wasn't even wearing socks -- but soon I was in a car with Sean and Matt Wilson, navigating a dirt road up near Dripping Springs, at the base of the Organ Mountains (seen above), and then walking into the scrub to find a spot beyond traffic noise and airplanes, hoping the wind wouldn't blow too hard, and trying to place myself back into scenes that I rehearsed and filmed back in November.

It was a comedy of errors.  Cars would drive by occasionally -- a sound which, on a foley microphone, sounds like a jet plane about to crash land on your head.  Cows mooed.  Flies the size of smart cars buzzed. And the wind blew and blew and blew.  Sean held up a feeble piece of posterboard to try and block the gusts from the microphone.  The wind only laughed. 

Two and a half hours later, Sean decided we had gotten what we needed, and soon enough I was on my way to Deming.

Not to sleep, of course.  Tomorrow morning, there is a retreat at Deming Zen Center.  I got to the house and started chopping vegetables for tomorrow's lunch.

The soup is nearly done and the salad is in the fridge.  Now, sleep.

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