Sunday, September 30, 2012


After assigning scenes to my students and informing them who their scene partners were, I gave them a couple of minutes to exchange phone numbers or to "bump phones."  Although my phone doesn't do it, I have seen phones that will import contact information from a user's phone simply from physical contact -- hence, "bumping phones." 

One of my students looked ruefully at her own phone, a Blackberry.  She remarked, "Blackberries are for old people." 

"Old people??"  I protested.  Brandishing my own phone, I declared, "This is a Samsung flip phone.  It has manual buttons and no touch screen.  If Blackberries are for old people, what am I?" 

She stared at my phone with wide, horrified eyes.  The words came to her with difficulty.  She said:  "You...are...a cave man." 


Nathan said...

Until last December, I had nothing but a landline and a $17 phone I bought at Target. Now I have a fancy Droid with internet and all sorts of features. It's nice. I like it. But the landline was fine too.

Funny how people are so identified with their phones.

Kelly said...

You're not alone, Algernon. My husband still has a flip phone with no bells and whistles at all. We actually got it for him for its sturdiness (I think it's called a "Tundra" and is made by Motorola). He sometimes looks longingly at my iPhone, but I honestly think he's happier with what he has. We have to keep a landline because our cell reception is so poor at home.