Friday, September 28, 2012

Update on Various Film Projects

Recently, a couple of readers have asked for an update on the film projects in which I am involved -- in particular, where or when they might have a chance to see the movies.  The progress of an independent film is slow and news comes in fits and starts.  Below, some updates and, for fun, images from each film.

THE CELLAR DOOR (released in 2007).  This film won a couple of horror-festival ribbons and became a popular illegal download.  (If you like to download bootlegged films, I'm frowning at you.  People like me are deprived of income because you feel entitled to take things without paying for them.)  It is available, legally, via Netflix (here's the link).  It appears that you can no longer stream it, sadly.

A sequel is in the works, but they are struggling to raise money.  My character gets killed off in the film (in a murder that inspired applause at a Hollywood screening I attended), and so I am not involved in the sequel.

LAST DAYS (officially released in 2010).   This quasi-apocalypse suspense thriller is still in search of a buyer.  It has made it into a few film festivals, mostly recently at the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville in a newly-edited version that I think improves greatly on the initial release.  I'm not aware of any scheduled showings anywhere, but if you drop by the house I could pop it in the DVD player.  Sssssh. 

Watch the trailer.

FOLKLORE (2012).  After a long and frustrating post-production process, this highly-anticipated film was finally screened for the public in Las Cruces this past summer -- while I was in Italy!  There have been a few parties interested in distributing this film, so I'm not sure what the latest is.  I have high hopes that there will be exciting news about this film very soon.  Meanwhile, how about this trailer??

HUMBLE SPIRITS (2012) is a documentary that premiered at the Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso this summer, produced and directed by Andrew Jara (the writer and director of Last Days, above).  I narrate the documentary, which tells the story of a family of professional boxers. 

Watch a trailer here.  This film, too, is in search of a distribution deal.

 AMONG THE DUST OF THIEVES (forthcoming) will be released this fall, almost one year after filming took place in Las Cruces and Santa Fe County.   From what I understand, it will be released as a DVD and sold in at least two venues in New Mexico: the Gadsden Museum in Mesilla and Coas Books in Las Cruces.   (It is an historical drama based on some New Mexico history.)  I suppose either of these venues would ship. 

And yes, there is a trailer.

In closing, I'd like to mention a short film entitled Cigarette which was written and directed by Sheridan O'Donnell, then a film student at NMSU's Creative Media Institute.  This 10-15 minute character drama was an extra-curricular project and because Sheridan is a busy fellow, it took a very long time for his film to come to light.  He did a nice job and as far as I know, it's not being shown anywhere.

It can, however, be viewed in full..... right here!  Enjoy.

Cigarette from Sheridan O'Donnell on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

Very cool! Thanks for the update!

Kelly said...

I appreciate the update, too!

Hopefully Folklore and Last Days will both be available through Netflix eventually. Once Among the Dust of Thieves is released on DVD, I'll check it out as well. I only wish my ISP was such that I could watch the short film. Oh well.

I trust you will continue to keep us posted on all counts.

Algernon said...

Kelly: Drop me an email at