Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hang a Right

During a weekend when I boarded no fewer than six passenger airplanes, I heard what was probably the most memorable "message from the captain" I've heard yet.

First, though, I must ask: are commercial pilots really "captains?"  What I've read is that the senior pilot is called a "captain" and the co-pilot is called a "first officer."  "Pilot" and "co-pilot" are not respectable enough.

Anyway, let's not be grouchy.  The pilot--err, the captain-- began making his overhead announcement as the plane was taxiing down the runway.  It was a big airport and apparently the system of runways was complicated, because the captain's announcement went something like this:

We do apologize for the long delay, and are finally cleared for takeoff on this flight to -- hang a right!  Hang a right!  Hang a right!  Hang a right!

At which point the plane lurched and made a sharp right turn onto a different runway.

The stewardess strapped into her seat nearby let out a loud whoop of laughter.  I turned to her and said,"Someone has just earned a new nickname."

"You bet he has!"

We did, for all that, land in Chicago.

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Mandy_Fish said...

That would be a bit nerve wracking.

I had to laugh at, "Let's not be grouchy."