Sunday, March 17, 2013

Actor mask

Those who sat zen retreats with the late Soen Roshi recall instances where he donned a Noh mask and danced about, eventually lowering the mask and saying, "I have removed my mask.  When will you remove yours?"

Good zen-theatre teaching.

It is time for updated headshots, and I am planning a trip to Albuquerque to work with Steve Snowden again.  It means a haircut and putting together some outfits and generally attending to one of my masks, the face I put on my work to advertise my services.

Most of the time, my work is put to use in telling one story or another.

Funny thing, though.  It's all the same story when you look deeply. 

[Image:  on set in 2010.  I'm either resting or preparing myself for a difficult scene, I don't remember.]

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