Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Introducing our First Guest Blogger : The Beautiful Kind

In the previous two posts, (here and here) we have broached the subject of non-consent as an element of fantasy (erotic or otherwise).

As reported in the last post, I mentioned that I invited a guest blogger to write on this subject.  The Burning House is delighted to announce that she has, um, consented.  Her piece will appear on this blog later in the week.  The author is Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful Kind.  She is, as described on The Beautiful Kind's web page, a "creative visionary and self-proclaimed slut."

I have been reading Kendra's blog since 2006, a time when she wrote thoughtfully and wittily on many subjects.  I watched her activity focus more on sexuality, relationships, erotic fantasy and role play, and more in that vein as her website gradually took its current form.   Although her website includes frank descriptions of sexual activities, including her own real-life explorations, I don't think the term "sex blogger" does justice to her creative work.  She is also an activist (a co-founder of Sex Positive St. Louis) working to bring sexuality more into common conversation, to reduce the shame and repression our culture upholds around sexuality.  I've teased her about being a journalist, but this is actually no joke: she is a journalist reporting from very important, and widely feared, territory in the human consciousness.

On a lark, I asked her if she would write a guest blog on the matter of non-consent in fantasy, and she cheerfully obliged.  I have no idea what she is going to write.  I might respond, I might not.  If I do, it will be in a separate post.

Personally, I am looking forward to yielding the floor to The Beautiful Kind and reading her thoughts on this topic.  

[Image: From The Beautiful Kind's website]


Debby said...

I think that there is a big difference between a grown woman who is consciously making a decision to experiment, and a teenage girl who is dragged unconscious from one party to another, sexually assaulted and humiliated. I think that there is something very wrong in a town where the sheriff or the chief of police or whatever he was states that he has viewed a heinous and disgusting 12 min video and found that it proved nothing, and threatens to hunt down the person who made that video public. The DA reputedly tried to convince the girl's parents that they had no case. Two other teenage girls have posted death threats against the vindicated victim. Algernon, you are a person w/ a wide open consciousness and I respect your mind, but I've got to tell you, the issue in my mind is not consent at all, but a culture that protects their sports heros and looks at the victim as having no value. According to anonymous, who exposed this, the latest rape is not the first, and that these things have been happening right along, and covered up in a conspiracy. That is the shocking thing to me.

Algernon said...

As you surely know, a lot of rape cases (including the shocking case in Steubenville) turn into arguments about what constitutes "consent."

I don't know if you read the post entitled "Sex and Avidya," but in that post a different and tangential issue was raised: erotic fantasies involving non-consent. In the subsequent post ("Non-Consensual Improvisation") we dealt with a non-erotic improvisation between actors that involved pushing the boundary of what was consensual and what was not.

And that is the topic the Beautiful Kind will be guest blogging about. Not Steubenville, although if she chooses to write about that or anything else, I'll run it.

Debby said...

I did read that. I guess where I get uncomfortable the two things were discussed in the same post...as if they might have something to do with one another, while I believe that one has no relationship to the other.