Friday, May 03, 2013

Samba Classes at the Zen Center?

Today, Deming Zen Center got a phone call from a woman who spoke Spanish.

I speak a little bit of high-school level Spanish, but I felt that I wasn't understanding the woman's question, so I asked for help.  She put an English-speaker on the line who repeated her question.

It wasn't my Spanish.

The woman really did want to know if the zen center was offering samba lessons.


SiSamba.  You know, this kind of samba:

Impatiently she said, "You know, you have classes on meditation and yoga.  Do you know anything about samba classes?"  The connection was obvious to her, lost on me.

No, ma'am.  I don't know anything about samba lessons in Deming or anywhere else.

Disappointed, she got off the line.

I don't know.  Why not?  Maybe a workshop on the Way of Samba would bring people to the zen center. 

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Ji Hyang said...

what ever is Zen without Samba...