Saturday, July 06, 2013

Espionage and Journalism: An Email to CNN

I am writing in response to Peter Shadbolt's June 15 piece, Convicted U.S. spy Christopher Boyce: 'Snowden is doomed'

Turning to Boyce as an expert in the case of Edward Snowden is to establish a false equivalence between espionage and leaking classified information to the press.  Mr. Boyce sold information to the U.S.S.R.  Mr. Snowden selectively provided an internationally respected press organization, The Guardian, information about a security program he felt endangered the rights of the American public.

This is extremely important, and I have to ask whether Mr. Shadbolt and CNN fail to understand the difference, or are willingly conflating the two?  It is extremely dangerous to American liberty when our press goes along with the idea that whistleblowing is equivalent to espionage.  It is the betrayal of journalism itself, and from within.

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