Wednesday, September 04, 2013

GREATER TUNA is coming to Deming

Today, the producers of Greater Tuna, the play we are currently running at the No Strings Theatre Company in Las Cruces, came out to Deming along with my fellow actor, David Reyes.  We all converged on Voiers Park, also known as "pit park" because it is built in a large pit outside of downtown Deming, at the northern end of Country Club Road.

The theatre is an outdoor venue with the capacity to seat 1,000 people.  The place was built and dedicated in 2007 and has seen little use since then.  It has been rented for occasional events, and I hear about a musical performance there once or twice a year.  The city insists on calling it an amphitheatre.  It is not an amphitheatre.  But it's a very nice outdoor theatre. 

On September 28 and 29, David and I will perform Greater Tuna, without mikes, in this open air venue.  Today we tested the acoustics.  A little bit tough -- mainly for elocution, but there is also competing noise from nearby traffic.  The weather can make a difference, too.  But we'll risk it. 

Deming is a city where people love theatre, and they don't get nearly enough of it.  Assuming we don't have a problem securing the rights for two more performances, we'll be getting the word out right away.

If you're in the area, plan on coming by.  But you'll want to bring something comfortable to sit on! 

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