Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Interacting with the Burning House: Sharing posts, submitting questions/topcs

How can I share posts on my favorite social media?  

Recently, I've been trying to change the code on this blog to add a more prominent and user-friendly 'share' bar so you can re-tweet, Facebook, Reddit, any post on here that you like. Blogger, it turns out, is very resistant to these changes, but I'm still working at it.

In the meantime -- there IS a share widget.  It's just clunky.  If you look up on the top and to the left, there is a G+ share button, and to the right of that you'll find a pull-down menu labeled "more."  Click on that and share away! 

And hopefully, we can get something cooler up soon.

Also, at the bottom of every post is a little envelope icon.  Clicking this will allow you to email the post to others. 

Thanks for doing that! 

Sometimes you post in response to reader questions.  Where can I send a question?  

At the top and left, by the goofy photograph of your humble correspondent with a little bio, you will now find an email address where you can send questions or topics you'd like us to write about from here in the Burning House.  It's written in a devious format to thwart spambots.  Use the @ for the [at] and of course you can figure out that's a phonetic spelling for gmail. 

Or do you pronounce "gmail" with a hard G?  Hmmm.


Ji Hyang said...


dear Sir,

should it be geemail dot com...


Ji Hyang

Algernon said...

Ooops!!! Thank you!