Wednesday, September 04, 2013

It was a bug, not censorship: A brief follow-up

In a post yesterday, I wrote about censorship on Buddhist blogs, a phenomenon I have experienced on several occasions. 

However, there is a different explanation for the most recent weirdness with Buddhist blogs on the topic of Syria.  In that post I wrote that a problem with the platforms could not be ruled out, as both blogs happened to be on the Patheos platform. 

And today, both those bloggers reported that, indeed, they had a bunch of comments awaiting moderation that they had not noticed.  It sounds like Patheos might have changed its platform a bit and caught these users by surprise.

Blogger does that, too. 

Once again, computers make fools of us.  

Anyway, James Ford very sportingly linked to my reply to him.

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Ji Hyang said...

the computer on your head is almost as good as the enduring vision of the lipstick on your nose
(purple plastic purse)