Monday, September 02, 2013

On opening for Rush

How did y'all spend your Monday morning? 

Interesting day for me.  Got together with David Reyes, my fellow actor in a show called Greater Tuna, and the two of us opened for Rush.

No, not that Rush

We were guests on the inaugural broadcast of a talk show on Las Cruces A.M. station KOBE 1450 along with our show's director, Ceil Herman, to promote Greater Tuna.  First, we improvised a little bit in the guise of radio hosts Thurston Wheelis and Arles Struvie, then they interviewed Ceil, and came back to us later to interview us and hear some more from our other characters.  We can't actually use dialogue from the play, but David and I are comfortable with improvisation, so we played it as if the characters were visiting Las Cruces.

After we were finished, I discovered that we were followed by Rush Limbaugh's program.  I found this amusing simply because one of my characters (I play ten) has a voice modeled on Limbaugh's.  The character doesn't behave like Rush Limbaugh, but I've always liked Rush's voice so I imitated that sound with some additional Texas twang.  I'm sure no one recognizes it, but I always had Rush's voice in mind.  It's actually a nice voice -- unfortunately employed to say vile and stupid things. 

 The show is enjoying a popular run at the Black Box Theatre in Las Cruces.  For photos, local review, and show information, you can visit this page on No Strings Theatre Company's website

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