Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where's my book? I'll tell you where...

Q.  So, where's YOUR Book?

My friends write books, my pop has written books for years.  So sometimes people ask me when I'm writing a book -- in particular, some suggest that a book on the intermingling of acting and zen might come out of me.  Sometimes I've had that thought, too.

So I wrote a chapter.  Put it away for a while, then picked it up and read it. 

It bored me.

Granted, a boring book can still be of value.  Volume I of Capital.  Husserl.  Stanislavsky.  The Lankavatara Sutra.  None of these are exciting reads, but I found them helpful.

My book, I dunno.  Maybe not.

Won't rule out trying another chapter or two and seeing where it goes, but I may be sparing the world a boring and useless book.

You're welcome. We accept donations. 


~Lizzy~ said...

whut choo talkin' 'bout?
of COURSE you've got a book... it is a 21st century book... and you don't get a lot of royalties from it at this point.

however... the movie "julie & julia" was based on a blog. (blog became book ->> book became movie ->> movie made money ->> people went back to read her blog....)
your blogging has a nice style - easy to read. your stuff in the newspapers is usually very interesting as well.
books are evolving at hyperspeed. (same as evrything else... like the de-evolution of the written language...) just keep doin' what you're doin'.
some of us keep reading it :-P
at the very least it keeps you in practice & gives the rest of us something interesting to read.
don't give the whiners any worry... after all - where are THEIR books?

"Excelsior!" ~Stan-the-man~

UngKwan said...

Volume 1 of Capital isn't boring!