Monday, July 21, 2014

On Writing: A Blog Hop

My friend Ji Hyang, who blogs at Natural Wisdom, invited me to participate in this "blog hop" thing. Oh, what I will do for my friends.

What are you writing/working on?

Honestly I have no work habits established as far as writing goes. I manage to hand in a column every month for the Deming Headlight. Supposedly, during this summer in North Carolina I am revising The Chess Play (a play I wrote to be performed by children, workshopped in Deming this spring).  I haven't touched it.

For my son, I have been working on a personal, handwritten storybook. The book pictured above is a blank book, and I've persuaded several members of the cast of Unto These Hills to contribute illustrations from which I take inspiration for the story. It is a whimsical fantasy tale incorporating many things that Gabriel likes, including some of his friends and his little brother.

Here is the illustration for the book's title page (which is untitled for the moment):

How does your work differ from others of its genre?

Hmmm.  Well.  It's handwritten, and my handwriting is not like anyone else's. Which might be a good thing.

Why do you write what you write?

For pleasure. For communication. For connection. It's true of letters, editorials, plays, and even Gabriel's storybook.

I've no professional aspirations, but it feels good when I do it well. Last year, I wrote a couple of chapters of a book on acting and found it so boring I quickly abandoned the project. The world will be fine.

How does your writing process work?

I don't know. My father, a professional writer, is very disciplined about his work. Me, well, I can usually meet a deadline, but it may or may not follow an all-night writing binge splashed in wine. Language is an instrument and I am a noodler. It helps to be in an environment where I am not interrupted and can play appropriate selections of music. Sometimes it useful to sit (aka zazen) before and/or after writing practice.

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Kelly said...

What a clever idea for Gabriel's storybook! I like that you've had others provide illustrations around which you can create a story.