Friday, December 18, 2015

The Song of Obamacare Compliance

That moment when you are finally forced to buy a mediocre insurance policy because the fines for non-compliance with Obamacare are too steep and your country refuses to build a sensible health care system like other countries have;

and you learn that what the broker told you over the phone isn't true; and by the way your first payment was due upon signup but they told you something different before and you're lucky to be finding out now;

and you are directed to the company's website to make your payment but the website doesn't work, so you call tech support;

and tech support sends you to a call center in Illinois which talks to you for 20 minutes before saying, "Wait, you're New Mexico? You're in the wrong place" and you're thinking "Wrong country, actually;"

and several hold times and confused employees later you are with minimal difficulty able to hand over the money that you can't quite afford but have to because the government is forcing you to buy private health insurance and bragging about what a wonderful thing that is;

and you are ready to say "Cancel the insurance and just shoot me, or send me to one of your wars and let somebody else do it and then you can blame it on terrorism."

Yeah, that moment.

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Kelly said...

I'm sorry, Algernon. You truly have my sympathy.